Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

The Harruby Liveaboard wreck

Location: Andaman Sea, Racha Islands

Water type: Salt water

Average current: calm

Average logged depth: 10-15m

Maximum logged depth: 22m

Out from the reef between bays 1 and 2 there are two wrecks deliberately sunk as artificial reefs, surrounding them are the artificial reef cubes. The Harruby was sunk in 2009 and was an old liveaboard made of steel lying upright at 20m, the Andaman Eagle was sunk a little earlier in 2007 and is an wooden construction lying at 28m leaning slightly to her side. There is a decent line which goes to the harruby, where long fin batfish hang around, often following you as you circuit the wreck.

Harruby has many lionfish and scorpion fish on it and at the bow you have a chance to see an ornate ghost pipefish. From the bow there is a line connecting the two wrecks, but usually visibility is good enough to see the Andaman Eagle. This wreck is in a more degraded state, with much of the wooden structure rotting away over the years. Here angelfish, scorpion fish and lionfish are seen.

Once the wrecks have been explored head past the cubes, look out for pipefish and nudibranchss also the devil scorpion fish has been seen here. Head into the shallow water over the sand, looking out gareden eels, gobies with their shrimp, khule’s stingrays and flounders on the way.

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